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Interior Services

Back Country Painting, LLC are the specialists you want to provide an unbelievable interior service for the residential or commercial property. We are the experts for interior paintings, accent walls, custom paint mixes, wallpaper removal, wallpaper installation, custom wallpaper options, trim work painting, and trim work installation. Imagine that you have empty walls in your home or office? What do you want to do with them? What are your ideas? Tells us! We will make them come to life! With Back Country Painting, LLC there is no Interior Service we can't handle, large or small!

Interior Painting Services

You will discover that once you see the completion of Back Country Painting, LLC’s interior painting service, the right choice was made. We can paint any room that is needed such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, basements, garages, dining rooms office spaces or any other rooms! Whether you want one, two or three, colors; we can do it! Are you interested in our Accent Walls options? Or what about our Custom Paint Mixes? We can do it all! This is why we are the specialty painters you are looking for! With our company, there is no better painter out there! If your property is large, small, residential or commercial, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time!

Wallpaper Removal & Installation

By allowing Back Country Painting, LLC provides Wallpaper Removal and installations, you are getting the service that will give you a captivating look and feel to your property!
Once we remove the wallpaper off of the walls of your home or business, there are many different types or styles of wallpaper you can choose from to have installed.
The wallpaper that you choose will create the atmosphere you were trying to make for your property.
If you have additional questions regarding our wallpaper removal or installation services, please give us a call!

Trim Work Painting & Installation

When you rely on Back Country Painting, LLC to get the Trim Work Painting and Installation Services completed, we will get the job done right the first time! Whether you want to have the Trim Work completely Painted for the interior of your home or business, we can do it. Even if you would like to have the Trim Work Installation Service done to the interior walls, our company is the one for the job!

If you have additional questions regarding our services or if you would like to schedule a free consultation, please give us a call at 360-421-8977.